small products



¼ av jordens befolkning saknar tillgång till el.
Storleken på asken är helt anpassad till 9V-batteriets storlek. Den är en påminnare om att man
kanske inte alltid ska göra allt som man har tillgång till bara för att man kan.
Väljer man att stoppa i batteriet så blir asken full och kan inte användas till någonting mer, sedan
lyser dioden i exakt 2dygn och 3 timmar. Det skapar en känsla av begränsning även för oss med
obegränsad tillgång till el. När fyller asken sin funktion? När man använder elektroniken eller inte?

Vessel “Sugar Explosion”

A small vessel perfect for tea light or to collect small precious things in. The glass is clear and only colored by it’s content – real sprinkes. They are filled with sprinkles in all variations of colors.

Costers “Thing Finder”

I collect the ideas for my motives in my surroundings and
are trying to see beauty and interest in such things that, in the eyes of others and in
other contexts, may be seen as junk or uninteresting.

I’m putting together small parts from a fictional children’s
treasure, from a collection of treasured items for those
who found them, without an actual value outside of its
context. Everyday elements are combined and organized
in a playful manner and form together a collage of things.

Each coaster is hand made and no motive is exactly the
same, which enhances the feeling of discovery and an
very unique item.

The porcelain works as a framework for the objects
inside, in this way the objects and their status is
enhanced to something to take notice of and consider.
The thick layer of resin that protects and covers the
objects inside is catching the content as under a
magnifying glass. This appearance is questioning the
obvious function of a coaster and raises the question of
what should be hidden or visible, what should be over,
and what should be under. As small paintings on the dining table or hidden under the table ware, like a secret treasure just waiting to be found by a “Thing-finder”*

(*from Astrid Lindgrens book Pippi Longstocking)

Christmas tree tampons

Let your tree sparkle with this handsculpted porcelain tampons

traditional red, White christmas or blue blue christmas.

Frosted Cupcakes

small sculptures